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Communication with Compassion

The Compassion Prison Project (CPP) is developing a letter writing campaign that matches people who have completed the Step Inside the Circle and ACE awareness inside a prison facility with a community letter writer. Expressive writing can be therapeutic, healing and cultivate a sense of belonging and connection.

CPP is also seeking team members and writers for its blog and newsletter, including those who are currently or formerly incarcerated, who have expertise and passion in ACE awareness, childhood trauma, non-violent communication and/or ending mass incarceration. See below for specific opportunities with this team.

Words are a form of action, capable of influencing change.

Ingrid Bengis

Volunteer with
Compassion Prison Project!

Join us in transforming prisons and communities through compassion.
Check out our Volunteer Opportunities for this project below...

Project Team Leader

Lead the development of the Letter Writing Campaign, develop volunteer training on components of compassionate letter writing, recruit team members, train volunteers.

Level of Ownership:
Project Leader
Time Commitment: 
Weekly for 2 Hours


Letter Writer

Complete 2 hour training on becoming a letter writer. Participate in once a month Letter Writing Campaign team update meeting. Get matched and write letters to people who have completed a Step Inside the Circle and ACE awareness within a prison facility.

Level of Ownership:
Team Member
Time Commitment: 
3-5 hours a month depending on frequency of preferred contact.


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CPP is a not-for-profit, grassroots-based organization. Big changes are made in small steps and we value the amount of every donation. Your contribution directly supports CPP's projects to achieve its mission to transform prisons and communities through compassionate action. All donations are tax deductible. Please consider donating today.

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