Kristin Worthe

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A near death experience at the young age of fifteen, was the awakening for what followed: a journey of self discovery and service for Kristin.The deep and intense love and sense of oneness that she witnessed made it clear that life here on earth is not just an individual experience but a collective one. Kristin’s intuition is what she has been turning to, trusting and working with for over thirty years. Through soul readings she has assisted people to self actualize to their highest and greatest potential. She is guided by truth and an intuitive knowingness that anything is possible with proper thought and intention. Kristin believes that all people are worthy of redemption and has given courage and strength to others to see that possibility in themselves. She has studied with many energy medicine masters and is a certified practitioner in multiple healing modalities. Kristin is a graduate of UCSB with a major in Religious Studies and has a graduate degree in Fine Arts. She was involved in the art world for many years in the field of photography. Kristin resides in Santa Monica with her husband and two daughters.

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