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To the Parents and Family of Luis Gerardo Ramirez, the People of California, and all the Parole Board Members and Stall

My letter today is and will be the first attempt to reach you with the expressed intent that I give all of you my deepest apologies. I want to give you my sympathy and regret for the life that you lost because of my destructive lifestyle and ignorant behavior. I understand completely that it was fully my sole responsibility.

As an older man, I feel pain and sorrow for your family’s loss as well for my family’s loss. Now, I truly see the pain, hurt, and shame that I brought to every single one of you and these two points of view have placed a wedge in my heart that cannot be removed, ever.

Not one day goes by that I do not think of Luis, and these thoughts fill me with deep remorse and shame for a long time. I will never forget him or the pain and destruction I created. I’m deeply sorry that my behavior changed and touched all your lives in such a bad way, and I sincerely wish that you are able to find it in your hearts to forgive me so all of you can be more at peace and I can try to forgive myself.

Thank you for your time and for my simple words that are most sincere and true. Please accept my apology and deepest remorse and sympathy.

May God bless you all,


Abel Martinez, Jr.

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