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Creating trauma-informed prisons and communities.

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CPP's mission is to create trauma-informed prisons and communities. Our main focus is on childhood trauma and how it affects the lives of men and women living and working in prisons. We also recognize the importance of educating communities about childhood trauma. In our research, using the CDC/Kaiser Permanente ACEs study (Adverse Childhood Experiences), we have seen that ACEs are disproportionately high within the prison system. At CPP, we are focused on bringing childhood trauma awareness, education and healing to prisons and communities both in the U.S. and globally.

Smiling man and woman shaking hands and talking to incarcerated man in prison

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Those who experience the Compassion Trauma Circle and learn about the symptoms of trauma feel a sense of relief, self-forgiveness and community support. It has given them awareness about their past and has opened a doorway to new levels of understanding, compassion and healing.

Step Inside The Circle

Step Inside the Circle is a call to action: to spread the word about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). It is a call to recognize the physical, emotional and social impact ACEs have wrought upon society and to stress the importance of care (not punishment) going forward in the prison system.

Honor Yard

Our second short film, Honor Yard, explores the impact of childhood trauma by examining the symptoms of trauma. We witness some personal sharing by the men living and healing in a prison yard in California.

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