Elissa Berrol

Compassion Ambassador

Brief info

Elissa Berrol is the founder of Luminary Consulting & Coaching. She is committed to human transformation with over 25 years helping leaders increase their capacity to successfully navigate complexity and embrace paradox. Elissa supports clients to challenge old narratives, examine default habits and tap into their inherent wisdom. She works with leaders and teams at all levels to connect them to their values and practice courageous and authentic behaviors.

Elissa has an ability to quickly break down barriers and cultivate environments where honest dialogue, genuine connection, and experimentation with new ways of seeing and leading flourish. Her deep compassion, humor and insight allows individuals and teams to reality check self-limiting beliefs, rewire fear-based thinking and lay down habitual armor. This work is ultimately about self liberation so we can show up fully and imperfectly and share our talents, ideas and gifts with the world. Elissa is a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, an ICF certified coach and holds masters degrees in Adult Education and Organization Development.

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