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Compassion Ambassador

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Gilian Villatoro is an administrator at a national non-profit organization, researcher, entrepreneur, and producer. He manages operations at Defy Ventures, a national non-profit that teaches entrepreneurship in correctional systems, and provides an incubator platform for formerly incarcerated individuals. He is currently co-authoring two academic research articles with professors from California State University Los Angeles, where his work inside the correctional system is being used as the foundation for a research pilot. He is Co-founder of S.M.A.R.T. Alliance Solutions, an online tool that helps system impacted people navigate and reintegrate back into society, and is currently working on a film project that focuses on the devastating effects of trauma, in its many forms, within the correctional system. Having experienced incarceration for over a decade, Gilian is an advocate for change and a fierce promoter of second chances.

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