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What do I think people think when they see me?

I can’t imagine what people think when they see me. Whether I am criticized or judged by others, quite honestly I don’t care what anyone thinks about me. I am myself and I’ve never tried to live up to anyone’s expectations. I’m a free spirit. I am untameable, like a wild mustang who lives a day at a time. I live in the present and in the moment, never in the past nor worrying about what tomorrow may bring. I have made mistakes that have cost me my freedom. But I have learned important lessons from everything. Don’t we all make mistakes?

I would like people to see me as an individual, not as another convict or criminal doomed to spend the rest of his days in a living hell. I have dreams of changing the world, but I know it begins with myself; I have to work on me first before anything else. I have the desire to do something different; be the one to someday save my people from the injustices I’ve had to endure throughout my lifetime.

I’m preparing myself to learn how to be a productive member of society. I am educating myself everyday in order to understand myself and others, and to not repeat the same mistakes again. Today, I am not the man that I was yesterday; I’ve evolved into a compassionate, caring person ready to obtain my freedom once again and be given the opportunity to give back to my community. I can’t ask for a second chance, for I haven’t been given the first one yet. Instead, I ask for compassion and understanding.

My main goal as of today is getting out of prison September of 2020. I’ve been working on myself for the last seven years and have learned things I didn’t know about myself, like the inner strength I have that pushes me to be great. I began for the wrong reasons, but quickly turned around and began doing it for me. I’ve completed several classes such as Victims Awareness, which taught me the impact my crime had on society. Another class was Peace Maker. This class helped me develop the skills to communicate better and understand the importance of a peaceful resolution to any problem. Right now, I continue on the same path, attending LTOP on a weekly basis along with Family Relationships.

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