Monica Chiapa

Founding Member, Compassion Ambassador

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Born in Mexico City, Monica Chiapa is a psychologist and life coach who focuses on integration and empowerment of Self through spiritual psychology. Monica worked at Microsoft before she began to focus on child psychology in Mexico. She relocated to Los Angeles in 1999, and since 2003, she has been guiding clients of all ages to find their path through a holistic approach to their goals. She has worked in Women’s wellness seminars, guided clients in individual sessions, and given seminars to soldiers in Mexico on her work. Her upbringing in a military household contributes to her desire to bring compassion, and self – empowerment into National Security and Defense Institutions. Her involvement with the Compassion Prison Project (CPP) began in 2019, and has become an integral and essential part of continuing her passion for a path of reconciliation. She is currently working with the CPP team on expanding the awareness of childhood trauma as the cause of violence and the implementation of restorative justice, as a path of personal and social transformation, with real and lasting results. In the near future, Monica’s intention is to implement the CPP in Mexican prisons as well.

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