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Compassion Ambassador

Brief info

Rose Kleinberg is the Director of CPP New York City. Out-Of-The-Box is the best way to describe this Brooklyn-based professional Life Coach’s career, modalities and personal style. From teaching empowerment and self-expression workshops with inmates at The Edna Mahan Correctional Facility, to helping teens and adults recognize and overcome their limiting beliefs, Rose is able to expertly reset people’s trauma and fear.The effects of her work include unconditional self-love, confidence, peace and unlimited freedom. This Mother of three holds a BA in Communications from Rowan University. Helping harmonize humans is how she’s hard-wired and her real-world connections and personal experiences have always been the impetus to ignite her passion through coaching, teaching and volunteerism in NYC. Rose intends to assist in the strategic planning and development of CPP to ensure that HOPE finds a home in the heart of every soul whose fully capable of rising up through rehabilitation.

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