Trauma Talks

Trauma Talks
We’re in the process of producing a 12-part series (and accompanying workbooks) to bring trauma awareness/trauma sensitive education and tools to everyone living and working in prisons throughout the US and abroad.

We’re creating conversations and bringing awareness about the devastating effects of childhood trauma. We’re bringing healing modalities to the men and women living in prison. Athletes, celebrities, coaches, politicians, thought leaders, and other game changers share inspirational quotes, words of encouragement, and tops on success strategies. Healers and meditation teachers share their wisdom, compassion, and demonstrate skills for resilience and transformation.

We’d like to thank Eric Clapton for the donation of his song “Change the World” for this promo video.

We could use your support to make this happen ASAP. Please consider donating to change the lives of the most traumatized people in our society.

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