Day 50 - Honor

Honor the hands that prepare your food, the earth for its bounty and the people who provide services for you.

  • People who work for the welfare of others, will generally be deeply loved, respected and honored wherever they go.
  • When we see someone who is patient, kind and forgiving, we recognize their nonviolent ways because we too have those qualities.
  • Make a list of honorable traits and people in history, or in your family, who carry these traits.
  • Today, practice one of these traits that doesn‘t come as naturally to you.
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Fritzi Horstman

Founder and Executive Director


Fritzi Horstman is the Founder and Executive Director of Compassion Prison Project. She is a Grammy-award winning producer for her work on “The Defiant Ones”, has been a producer and post-producer on dozens of television projects and documentaries and has directed several films. She believes it is urgent to bring humanity and compassion to those living behind bars and these acts will help transform our society. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Vassar College.

Day 50