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Compassion Ambassador at Kern Valley State Prison, Facility A

Brief info

My name is Alex Ybarra. I’m 37 now, but from a very young age I started making poor decisions. These poor choices became habit, and I was not mindful at the time that I was developing habits that had severe consequences. Being young, there were times I got caught doing bad things, but the punishment was not so great to make me realize and awaken. That combined with the times I did not get caught only boosted my ego.

Take the time to reflect on the choices you have made in the past and are currently making. If they are choices that are getting you in trouble or choices that you know are wrong, find someone to talk to. If you cannot confide in a parent, then find someone you trust, whether it be an aunt, uncle, close friend, teacher, or counselor. Look for programs that you can participate in, ones that will genuinely appreciate you, your time and your effort. This will occupy your free time and help build your character.

If you do not come to realize that the path that you are on given your choices, by the time you do, you’ll be like me, sitting in a cell with a 119 year to life sentence.


Alex Ybarra


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