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Regardless of how you were brought up, you are damaged. Broken bit by bit by the horrors you’ve seen, by the ones you’ve committed. You may feel there is no going back, no way to fix the hurt. I was you once and I am your future. That is to say if you don’t heed these words and take a different path. I am now serving three consecutive life sentences; what that means is I could die, come back to life, and it could be somewhere around 2040. Yeah, 40! I may be allowed to die free. We fall into place as kids doing what was cheered on at home, and more so by the “homies”. Committing violent acts that are done in horror films, yet those acts are rewarded by comrading and congratulations. Then you are put and your life is taken away! The homies, your supposed family, forget who you are. You’re left to live the walking dead, sentenced to a slow death in a box. I go to sleep at night inside a concrete coffin, praying that I may never wake again. When I do wake again, I remember my choices to keep on doing robberies and banging instead of going to school or working in whatever program. I was missing opportunity after opportunity to become someone that meant something. A family, job, house...I dream about living a slow life, wishing I would’ve taken a different path. I truly hope that these words somehow get past your walls and your heart because they’re straight from mine! You can change! You can heal! You are loved!

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