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Compassion Ambassador at Kern Valley State Prison, Facility A

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To my young brothers of Camp Paige

Who do you fellas respect: the big homies, OGs, the killers? I’ve walked the path all of you are on and it will end terribly if you do not change your mentality. We all come from different backgrounds, yet we all endure some form of hardship, some maybe harsher than others. Nonetheless, most of us come from broken homes. We joined a gang looking for a family, to be accepted, noticed, respected, and loved. There is no love and respect with being destructive or a gang-banger. There’s only hate, consequences, and disregard. Real family would help you stay out of jail, not encourage or glamorize the jailbird life. This gang life you believe in is a delusion. Loyalty is a strong and good attribute, but loyalty is blind. The gang is not worth losing your freedom or life. Your life matters! You all have the opportunity to change your life. Do something admirable. I could have joined the Fire Academy, but I chose to go back to the hood. I am a lifer now for those poor choices. My homies abandoned me. Don’t make the same mistakes that I have. Do not waste a career opportunity of becoming a firefighter. Why serve a gang that doesn’t serve you? It’s like loving a bitch that doesn’t love you. Serve a good cause for your community. Become a warrior, a hero, a fireman. You all have the potential to become great men.

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