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An interesting daily log

...the vicissitude of time and the caliber of… were within the reigns of my control. Unfortunately, I along with many in a similar situation rest snug, drawing what pieces of emotional and intellectual stimuli within reach. I’ve spent not only the last 30 days, but the last few years trying to maintain a continuous line of communication with my children, even while shrouded in what many deem hard times. On a daily basis, many moments of mine are spent at work, where I am able to actually rest. Inside the cell of my mind is in constant remembrance of confinement, and I create every reason to stay busy. Letters, poems, legal pursuits, and prayer times are a main portion of my days. When I come into contact with the familiar faces of the group, I am genuinely excited for their success. Bit by bit, in the days after my conviction, time started to sync. I often did not know what day it was and the days felt like they merged into each other. I started re-engaging with my emotions and caring about what others are going through...Now the inventory of injustice I’ve witnessed is overwhelming. I’ve participated in several different religiously obligated events, while trying to gain clarity on how to aid others against...

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